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MRT LuxMaster LED Lighting UNIVERSAL

Brand: MRT Motorsports | Category: LED Light Bar
These parts should fit your vehicle, they are universal parts. Click a part number for more information.
HAR-2DT2-STN MRT LuxMaster Wiring Harness
2 DT2S Plugs for 2+ Lights
250w MAX
Standard Length
LUXM2282 MRT LuxMaster 228mm LED System
9" LED Pod
99W Each
Pair - Red
H71071132 Hella Optilux H11 55W XY Extreme Yellow Bulbs (Pair)

Great for fog lights

Product Description

The MRT LuxMaster is a powerful single source LED auxiliary designed for maximum range featuring the latest in LED & Optical technology. Our 25w 120mm system packs a serious punch, putting out over 1lux at 350meters these lights are designed to go the DISTANCE! The LuxMaster is built with one purpose – to throw a narrow and intense beam of light over an extraordinary distance in a compact package with low power consumption. Our LuxMaster LED systems are designed with an impact resistant, waterproof polycarbonate and aluminum housing that features an IP69K Rating. (The only other brand with IP69K is Baja Designs!)

All of our MRT LuxMaster LED Lighting systems are hand assembled in-house at our Las Vegas race shop. By building all of our products in-house we can ensure the ultimate in performance and durability. While there are many look-a-like products in the market, they all fall short when compared to our

Specification of IP69K:
6 – Dust tight. No Ingress of dust.
9K – Protected against close-range high pressure, high temperature spray downs.
IP69K is a protection provision of high temperatured and pressured water which prescribed by Germany standard DIN 40050 PART9. The test specifies a spray nozzle that is fed with 176°F water at 80 to 100 bar and a flow rate of 14 to 16 L/min. The nozzle is held 10 to 15 cm from the tested device at angles of 0°, 40°, 60° and 90° for 30 s each. The test device sits on a turntable that rotates.

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